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Dark Moons Designs is a combination of shops all focused on my art and all my creations. This is where I showcase all my talent and creativity and hopefully inspire some creativity in you.

Meet Moon
Jewelry Designer, photographer, Mother to both cats and kids.
storyteller, food creator,
and maker of crafts

About Me

Born to an Irish mother with a great love of music and a Croatian father with a great love for movies. after a childhood full of music and trips to the lake in the day & movies (mostly horror, sci-fi, and weird b movies) at night. I turned out kind of weird. Discovered both witchcraft and graphic design when I was 15. this is also the time I started getting into goth and anime, but I wouldn't fully dive into either until I was about 20.

I always tinkered around with jewelry fixing and making old things new. I didn't actually make my own jewelry until after high school and a friend of mine stared her own business making hair clips and accessory. I joined her and started making necklaces and bracelets. I found I liked it and was kind of good at it. my friend decided this business wasn't for her and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to make jewelry again until I was almost 30 and started my own business.

I went to school for anthropology and psychology but ended up studying art, including photography. finally had to admit to my self I was an artist and move on. then found out I was Autistic (Aspergers) which explains was I suck at craft shows.

 Love Steampunk, Gothic, Victorian and bohemian styles.

Where to find me

Event calendar

Once or twice a year I get to do a show. Hopefully one day I will get to expand to more. This is my calendar of events. Please pause your ad blocker. It will cause some elements like this calendar to not work

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