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Sugar scrub is the simplistic item you will ever have in your beauty routine and one of the best. The sugar exfoliate the skin and is gentle enough to use on sensitive and delicate skin like the face, thou brown sugar and raw sugar are coarser and are better for body...


  Fantastic four: If you know anything about the Fantastic Four then don't watch this movie and believe me if you watched the 2005 movie you know the Fantastic four. the problem with all fantastic four movie is that the first family of superheros is a very old comic. T...



Today I walk up with a mission to finally got off my lazy butt and did something (mostly I have been waiting for the hand mixer that I ordered days ago, to come it) today I would get things done and nothing not even my cats would stop me. And boy did they try. I gathe...






 First of all I have yet to finish this game. I might never finish this game. Its just that kind of game. I don't mean it is horrible, and I am not saying its unplayable. its just that I will keep getting to a point were I want to restart and perfect the play thoug...



  Last night my husband and I sat down to watch a movie. Well he wanted to watch it, I was fine with the internet. But The Wolverine was on and nether of us can resist that. (no mater how much we try.) Couple things of note; Wolverine is my hubby's favorite super hero...


 Recently I was going though imagaes on pintrest and saw wedding cake toppers for gamers. You know the ones with the bride draging the groom away from a tv with game system atached. The tv screen stated game over. There are also t-sirts and other iteams with this game...

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